Author: Inge Fuchs
Pictures: Daniel Rüsseler

Records are there to be broken

Four volunteer firefighters, hunting down records. However, titles aren’t their primary goal – donations are. Known as the ‘Blue Helmets Club’, they strive to raise money for children with cancer and send an important message: No violence against emergency workers. Imitations are expressly encouraged, with tips for other charity campaigns in future.

Making a difference, together

“Is it carnival time again already?” As a squad of special tactical police units in full uniform marched towards the exhibition center, the people of Cologne turned their heads to watch. The officers leapt onto spinning bikes and got their legs pumping. After them, firefighters, emergency relief workers and soldiers all took turns in the saddle and, before long, the kilometer count started to shoot up. In total, they pedaled just under 3,200 kilometers, collecting donations in excess of €4,000. This event was the brainchild of the “Club der blauen Helme” – the “Blue Helmets Club” – made up of Ingo, Klaus, Jörg and Daniel. At this year’s FIBO, the world’s leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health, members of the blue-light family came together under the slogan: “No violence against emergency workers”. TV camera crews fixed their cameras on the uniformed cyclists, while a constant crowd of trade fair visitors remained around the attraction. Together with the sportsforcharity foundation, the boys turn the kilometers they pedal into cash. However, FIBO was just the beginning. This year the firefighters plan to launch an event on water and run a marathon in Helsinki, among other things.


They have already raised over €75,000 in donations through previous charitable initiatives. In most cases, they share the funds between different organizations. However, a cancer charity, for children specifically, is always among the recipients. The four firefighters hope to provide motivation and demonstrate that fighting is worthwhile. “After all, these kids can’t just say: I’m not doing chemo today, it’s so annoying,” explains Klaus. His colleague Ingo adds: “Once we’ve started something, we always see it through!” They always have their eyes on their ultimate goal: breaking the €100,000 mark for donations.

Klaus vom Club der blauen Helme in Feuerwehrmontur auf dem Spinning Bike

How to motivate yourself – and other
tips for your charity drive

Whether you’re taking part yourself or serving in an organizational capacity, a charity run needs sound planning, reliable partners and plenty of time for preparation and follow-up. Ingo, Klaus and Jörg shared some of their tips with us.

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