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Training tips from our fitness heroes

Take a stand against quarantine weight gain: our fitness heroes will show you how to exercise within your own four walls without equipment and with little effort.  Just like the saying goes, Stay home – stay strong!  

Fitness studios and sport clubs have been forced to close during lockdown. So for many, all that’s left is exercising at home – but the proximity of the couch and fridge can be tempting, which isn’t necessarily a health boon. That’s why our workout family has gathered some exercises for home. Most of the workout equipment that our athletes use are available in every household: a gym mat, chair, backpack and water bottle. Even when lockdowns are hopefully a thing of the past, these exercises remain as valuable tips for quick workouts every now and then. 

Squat – push-up – jump!  

A workout without equipment? You can also train within your own four walls with little effort, according to police dog trainer Johann Arndt. His tips for at-home workouts will definitely have you working up a sweat. Get in an upright position and then go into a squat. Push your glutes towards the ground, put your hands on the floor and move forward – push-up – and then get back into a squat. Next, jump up.  

Roll-ups with jump & walking lunges  

May’s exercise will also have you reaching your limits: this firefighter athletes workout is super demanding. To perform a roll-up jump, lay down on your back on your gym mat. Activate your stomach muscles to roll upwards from this position and then – jump! Now get back down, roll backwards and start all over again. Walking lunges challenge both your fitness and your balance. To start lunge-walking, take a forward step on one side, then get down into the lunge position. Push back up while simultaneously moving the other leg forward into the lunge. Hit the wall? Just turn around and lunge-walk back!  

Backpack as weight    

Meghanna professional firefighter from Berlin, swears by the classic squat. The deeper you go, the more intense your training. For added difficulty, she fills a backpack with books or other objects – it’s that simple to create your own weights at home. During the squat, carry the weighted rucksack on your back and clasp your hands in front of you or raise them over your head. The backpack can be used as a weight in many different exercises. Looking for more? Place a step stool or hand towel under your feet, pull your legs into the push-up position, and back again.  

HanahMarius and Chris from the Team Blaulicht channel don’t just bring together their common passion for rescue service, firefighting and volunteering: after long days of shooting, the trio enjoy working off their energy with a workout. To maintain their fitness, the three spontaneously relocated their fitness studio to their home and have shared their favorite exercises with us:  

The plank position  

Hanah’s plank, also known as the front hold, is an effective whole-body fitness exercise. To do it, keep your forearms on the floor. It’s important that your legs are stretched out and your body stays in a straight line. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds. If you want to intensify the exercise, press yourself into the push-up position and then return, arm by arm, to the starting position.  

Release tension with fascia training.    

Chris shows how you can release tension from your throat and neck muscles after a long day of work with the BLACKROLL® fascia ball Start in the supine position and place the fascia ball under your neck. Slowly move your head from left to right and increase the pressure as needed.  

Fit feet and a rejuvenated back 

Kilian is a firefighter and fitness expert. “I feel that regular training with the BLACKROLL® ball relaxes my muscles, especially after intense strain.” Fascia training improves the mobility of muscles, tendons and ligaments, on top of stimulating blood circulation. Roll your calf over the ball using slow, even movements. To roll out the plantar fascia in your foot, stand upright on your BLACKROLL® ball and move one foot over the ball using light, circular movements.  

The BLACKROLL® workout aide is also ideal for your back: Pascal, a firefighter athlete from the HAIX team, releases tension in his back using the fascia ball. To do so, lean against the wall and sandwich the ball between your back and the wall, keeping it directly next to your spine. Pascal rolls the ball by bending and stretching his legs. Vary the intensity by using your back to apply pressure against the wall. You can also use a mini fascia roller instead of the fascia ball in this position.  

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