We talk to veteran May about her time in Afghanistan, chase records with the HAIX Wild 50s and visit Berlin’s roughest areas with fire chief Meghann. Loyalty, trust and respect – three traits that are essential on duty. Our first issue of HEROES WORLD focuses on several burning issues: the toughest two minutes in FireFit, a Viennese emergency paramedic on duty in the townships of Cape Town, and a fire engine on tour in Scandinavia. We also have other stories in store for you, like that of Aladdin and Klaus. The unlikely pair met through their shared profession as landscape gardeners. In another story, we’re taking a deep dive to explore marine biologist and nature photographer Robert Marc Lehmann’s most memorable moments. Star butcher Lucki Maurer is grilling the perfect steak for us, while fitness author ChristineTheiss hypercharges your next run with her useful tips. A world of heroes awaits. We hope you enjoy the read! Your HEROES WORLD team LOYALTY INTHE TEAM. TRUST INYOUR OWN ABILITIES. RESPECT TOWARDS EMERGENCY PERSONNEL. 03 HEROESWORLD