06 DIVE IN AND BE AMAZED Robert Marc Lehmann’s most memorable moments as a nature photographer 36 AN OLD FIRE ENGINE FORGING NEW PATHS Natascha Müller and Flo Kandsperger explore Scandinavia in their LF16. 17 LOYALTY. A legendary team: the firefighters of the HAIX Wild 50s 52 MIXED EMOTIONS Back from Cape Town: Emergency paramedic Daniel Knogler on his trip 18 FIREFIGHTING AS AN EXTREME SPORT FireFit – a challenge for all firefighters 40 RESPECT. A journey through Berlin with fire chief Meghann Krüger 30 TRUST. War veteran and firefighter May Tømmervold goes her own way C O N Each decision changes a life: meet the Bornean orphans 10 May was deployed as an aerial gunner in Afghanistan 30 D U T Y A D V E N T U R E 22 TEAM HAIX FIREFIGHTERS Powering through the toughest two minutes in firefighting sports THE BLINK OF AN EYE AT A GLANCE