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Wahler: The green choice

Wahler, a clothing manufacturer hailing from Lower Bavaria, has been a member of the HAIX Group since 2020. Established in 1930, the family-owned company boasts many years of expertise, particularly in workwear. Even before the merger, HAIX and Wahler shared their core values: Both companies manufacture in Europe and attach great importance to sustainability.

An issue that concerns us all

Wahler supplies professional uniforms and protective clothing to the German military, the police, Munich International Airport, and many other customers. Protecting the environment is not optional for us, and virtually all aspects of our planning and production process are geared toward sustainability. An annual external audit verifies this, as does the ISO 14001 certification of our environmental management system. It confirms our compliance with all specifications and environmental laws.

At our Hengersberg factory, we design and tailor clothing prototypes and prepare them for production. Every step is as resource friendly as possible. We use computer technology in our pattern planning process to optimize placement. The individual patterns are grouped together with the greatest possible efficiency to avoid wastage. When we do have larger offcuts, we recycle them for smaller patterns.

Conserving resources in production

As well as manufacturing in Europe, we work with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100certified European raw material suppliers. We order these materials in the exact quantities we need for production. The benefits of this are twofold. First, it saves space and keeps Wahler from needing enormous warehouses. Second, it reduces the amount of offcuts, which would otherwise go to waste. We only allow for a small margin of error in production.

Our raw materials go from Lower Bavaria or straight from the supplier to our production facilities in Eastern Europe. Wahler has long-standing partnerships with companies in Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

Green energy in action

Wahler uses a mixture of green energy. Our electricity comes from 100 percent renewable sources. We also use CO2-neutral natural gas. Protecting the environment is a priority for HAIX clothing, too. We constantly seek to improve our operations and contribute to a greener future.

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