Author: Anna Blümel
Pictures: Robert Marc Lehmann, Paula Kormos

Bengal tigers in India

photographed by Robert Marc Lehmann

Robert Marc Lehmann is a marine biologist, research diver and prize-winning nature photographer. In HEROES WORLD, he tells us about the stories behind his images. 

Robert Marc Lehman kniet mit Kamera in der Hand auf dem Boden

With its imposing frame, the Bengal tiger is one of the largest species of big cats. Larger than a lion yet quiet as a feather, the tiger is among the most awesome creatures anywhere on the planet. No other jungle animals dare to take on this majestic beast. Yet, despite its impressive stature, the Bengal tiger is endangered – by humans. “There are only around 2,500 Bengal tigers left in the wild around the world, which I find very sad,” says Lehmann. Humans chop down forests, kill wildcats and, in doing so, destroy the habitats of Bengal tigers and many other species.

Hunting big cats is now strictly prohibited in India, which is helping tiger populations to recover again. The avid nature photographer is optimistic about his chances of snapping his favorite animal with his lens again soon.   

Lehmann and his camera literally worked up a sweat to capture this image. On that day, thermostats in the Indian state of Maharashtra registered a brutal 56°C (133°F). “It’s all part of getting a great shot,” jokes Lehmann. The heat didn’t seem to bother the tiger, anyway.  

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