Author: Inge Fuchs
Pictures: Mara Pischl, Mike Schawohl, Sandra Hunke, Karen Hanne

A hearty meal

Craft influencers reveal their favorite snack for the construction site

Be it a full lunch or a quick snack, anyone working with their hands needs plenty of fuel. Let’s have a look inside some lunch boxes. We’ve asked workers from various trades about their favorite on-site refreshments.

Schreinerin Mara auf der Baustelle mit ihrer Pausenbox

Mara Pischl, Carpenter, Nuremberg

“I always carry fruit. The vitamins make me feel refreshed. My favorite snacks are all light. Otherwise, I’d get tired and struggle to focus. Chocolate and nuts help me avoid the lunchtime slump – anything that gives me a boost.”

Dachdecker Mike auf der Baustelle mit seiner Pausenbox

Mike Schawohl, Roofer, Sauerland

“I prefer turkey or chicken with some vegetables. Work is exhausting and I exercise a lot in my free time, so I need plenty of protein and vitamins. I try to eat healthy food, and preparing my lunch in the evening helps. If it’s something that isn’t very nice cold, there’s always the construction dryer – I normally use it to seal flat roofing membranes together at 600 degrees Celsius, and it’s perfect for heating up a cold lunch. Even though I get some funny looks from my colleagues.”

Anlagenmechanikerin Sandra Hunke mit Handwerkerbrötchen und Kakao in der Hand

Sandra Hunke, Plant mechanic, Schlangen

“There’s always lots to do on the building site, and breaks are short. My go-to snack is what our village bakery calls a builder’s sandwich. It’s a bread roll with a thick slice of cold meat. And a nice chocolate milk to wash it down. That gives me plenty of energy to keep working.”

Dachdeckerin Chiara im Baustellenauto mit ihrer Pausenbox

Chiara Monteton, Roofer, Bochum

“I always carry a sandwich to keep me going on the construction site. And an oat biscuit for the hunger pangs throughout the day. Chocolate, too – it’s motivating and lifts my spirits.”

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