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Author: Julia Simon
Pictures: H. Meier, I. Fuchs, S. Grundmann

Team HAIX Firefighters

These are the top athletes in FireFit. They strive for the top times in FireFit championships, tower running and other competitions and are fierily passionate about their sport.


Oldies but goldies: the Wild 50s are the world’s best in their class. The cupboards of Heiko Gehrke’s, Magnus Hirschfeld’s, Dietmar Kirsch’s, Gerd Müller’s and Ralf Sikorra’s homes are full to the brim with trophies and medals won at many national and international tournaments. Even world championships are no match for the five. This has made these five firefighters over fifty idols for many young athletes.


The fire chief from Neubrandenburg trains every day. He is a passionate bodybuilder and works as a personal trainer in addition to his career in professional firefighting. For more than ten years, he has been competing in FireFit championships, and he joined the HAIX team in 2017. His preparations mainly consist of interval training. When he enters the competition grounds, there’s only one thing that matters to him: being the fastest. The “Dülge pose” he strikes for photos after crossing the finishing line has long since gained cult status.


The professional firefighter from Norway is among the world’s fastest female FireFit athletes. Her impressive performance at the Firefighter Combat Challenge Championships in Florida in 2021 made her a quadruple world champion.


Berlin native Meghann loves living life on high alert, both in her day job as a professional firefighter and in FireFit. No setback keeps her down for long, and thanks to this fighting spirit, she has become Germany’s fastest female firefighter and a top athlete at the European level. Her next goal: the world championships.


The latest addition to the HAIX TEAM, Sören is a voluntary firefighter from Lower Saxony. The project manager for high-voltage systems and part-time firefighter at the University of Göttingen takes the obstacle course at a dizzying speed. In 2021, he proved his prowess at the FireFit premiere held during the INTERSCHUTZ Community Days in Hanover. HAIX looks forward to having Sören, the runner-up to the European title in his own class, on the team in the new season.


The Breisgau butcher is a voluntary firefighter. Along with excellent finish times, Philipp brings a ton of fun to any competition. Any race he starts usually ends with him on the podium. In his daily life, he balances his day job as a master butcher with his commitment to the voluntary fire department of Rheinhausen. His entire family, including his daughter, tends to tag along when he trains or competes.

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